Brick ledge Block Series

ICF SOLUTIONS provides insulated building products to meet the demands of any residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial project.


Supports the installation of brick veneer on above-grade walls.


Core Width Length Return Area Concrete Vol./sq. Ft. Of Wall Effective R-value Ft 2 *hr*f/btu 4 Specs
6″ 11″ 4′ N/A N/A 0.014 cubic meters 23
8″ 13″ 4′ N/A N/A 0.019 cubic meters 25

Brick Ledge Solutions for Greener Future ICF Homes in Canada

With the recent trend of prioritizing sustainable building practices, there is a dire need for ICF Building Materials in Ontario to construct energy-efficient homes. ICF Solutions is here to provide only the finest innovative solutions that ensure a brighter and greener future for our clients. And in the wide range of products that we offer under our fast efficient concrete form services banner also comes Brick Ledge solutions for ICF homes in Canada.

There is no question that brick veneer is a popular choice for folks that want to enhance the aesthetics of a building. However, it also requires the proper installation to ensure that it remains secure and functional. With Brick Ledge, one can easily install the brick veneer and support the installation. Doing so will ensure that the brick veneer is anchored to the building structure while at the same time improving the overall appearance of the structure. So, don’t think for a second more and get your hands on cost-effective concrete solutions in Ontario from ICF Solutions.

Product Features and Benefits

ICF Solutions offers Brick Ledge, which is a high-quality, environmentally friendly building product. It provides energy-efficient, durable, and sustainable performance to the construction & is available in two sizes – 6″ and 8″. Our Brick Ledge is designed to provide optimal support for brick veneer installation on above-grade walls.

In addition, these Brick Ledge also features multiple fastening areas – allowing one to have room when it comes to finishing. Made with high-quality materials, these Brick Ledge are designed to last for many years – even decades, if they are properly cared for. Also, it is compatible with other SuperForm ICF products, allowing for seamless integration into the building’s overall structure – what more could one ask for?

Benefits of Using Brick Ledge Solutions from ICF Solutions

When it comes to Brick Ledge Solutions, you simply cannot make a better decision than connecting with the leading Professional Concrete SuperForm wall Rental service provider in the country. Still not sure? Here are some benefits that you can avail of by utilizing our Brick Ledge solutions.

  • Proper support for brick veneer installation, ensuring durability and safety
  • Increased energy efficiency and insulation with an effective R-value
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable building practices
  • Compatibility with other SuperForm ICF products, ensuring seamless integration

What more could one ask for? Don’t think for a second more and reach out to us for immediate consultation regarding your Brick Ledge requirement. ICF Solutions is committed to providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly building products that are both sustainable and high-quality. We would leave no stone left unturned in ensuring that you are 100% delighted with our solutions.