Gorilla Buck

ICF SOLUTIONS provides insulated building products to meet the demands of any residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial project.


Gorilla Buck is an insulated window and door buck system that has been made to fit SuperForm ICF.

Made of high density, expanded polystyrene (EPS) and 100% recycled plastics, these insulated bucks block air and water infiltration with friction-fit internal rails.

These internal rails secure the inside cavity of our ICF wall forms and include a wide variety of panel materials that are secured to the faces and edges of the foam body with polyurethane adhesives and mechanical keyways that join the foam and panels together as a unit.

Molded Foam Gorilla Bucks has EPS molded with polypropylene webs that provide finish attachment elements, concrete anchors and reinforcement brackets.

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6″ 11″ 1.5″ 4′ 176
8″ 13″ 1.5″ 4′ 132





Introducing Gorilla Buck for Insulated Windows and Doors

There is a rising demand for more eco-friendly solutions in the market – and that is true for all aspects of human lives. Folks now demand Greener Future ICF Homes in Canada, which is made with Eco-friendly ICF Building materials. We are well aware of this demand, and therefore we are proud to present Gorilla Buck – an innovative insulated window and door buck system to our clients.

This system is specially designed to be used with SuperForm ICF and is made with high-density polystyrene and 100% recycled plastics. The internal rails that are present in Gorilla Buck ensure a friction fit inside the cavity of ICF wall forms. The solution also comes with several panels that are secured to the faces and edges of the foam body.

Benefits of Gorilla Buck System

Gorilla Buck is undoubtedly one of the best solutions that one can find in the market – especially when it comes to Insulated Windows and Doors. Here are some benefits that this system provides to builders and contractors.

  • Superior Insulation Guaranteed: Just like our other ICF Building Materials Ontario, Gorilla Buck provides excellent insulation solutions to our clients. This is primarily due to its constriction with high-density EPS and 100% plastic. This allows the system to easily block air and water infiltration, ensuring the property is warm and dry.
  • Easy Installation: Our Gorilla Buck is designed to be easily installed at the site and without much effort on the user’s part. This ensures that one does not have to spend countless hours in the proper installation of the setup.
  • It is a versatile solution: Gorilla Buck is highly versatile and designed to work with various panel materials. This makes it an ideal solution for different construction needs.
  • Environmentfriendly solution: As mentioned earlier, Gorilla Buck is made from 100% recycled plastics and EPS foam – both materials are eco-friendly and ensure that our clients are on the receiving end of a sustainable solution for their requirements.

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If you are looking to streamline your construction operation, then you simply could not make a better decision than connecting with ICF Solutions for the same Our Gorilla Buck is the perfect solution for those who want to enhance the energy efficiency of their building projects. We also provide professional concrete SuperForm Wall Rental services.

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