Top block block Series

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Provides maximum bearing surface at the top of your wall.

Icf Home Construction Solution


Core Width Length Return Area Concrete Vol./sq. Ft. Of Wall Effective R-value Ft 2 *hr*f/btu 4 Specs
6″ 11″ 4′ N/A N/A 0.014 cubic meters 23
8″ 13″ 4′ N/A N/A 0.019 cubic meters 25

ICF Solutions offerings Top Block Solutions

The rising demand for stronger, more durable, and energy-efficient solutions when it comes to home construction. The time for the traditional method of home construction – using wooden frames to hold the walls in place, is long gone. Also, these wooden frames are susceptible to moisture, rot, and more – which is certainly not good news when it comes to the integrity of the construct. Hence the need for a more sustainable and efficient alternative – and that alternative is ICF homes. And one of the crucial components of the construction of ICF homes, or more particularly ICF walls, is the Top Blocks.

The Top Blocks solutions provide a wider top surface for ICF walls, making it possible for one to distribute the load more evenly across the wall. This also helps with the easier installation of the roof trusses, saving time and reducing labour costs.

Simply put, there is no question of proceeding with ICF home construction without a reliable Top block solution. Luckily, you can get it from ICF Solutions. We also provide custom rent concrete framework in Canada.

Product Features

Our Top Block solutions provide the maximum bearing surface for ICF walls – making them ideal for creating stable and secure structures. Here are just some of the many features that are part of our Top Block solutions:

  1. Made with high-quality construction material: Our Top Block solutions are made with only the finest materials and are designed to last for decades. They are made with a material that is both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  2. Customizable dimensions: We offer Top Block ICF solutions in two sizes – 6″ and 8″, with a width of 11″ and 13″, respectively. The length is fixed at 4′.
  3. They have excellent insulation properties: The Top Block solutions that we offer come with excellent insulation properties. They have an effective R-value of 23 for 6″ & 25 for 8″ – making them ideal for homes.
  4. They are easy to install: Unlike the other solutions that are present in the market, Top Blocks are easy to install. This is because they have a simple interlocking design that makes them easy to handle and move during the construction process.

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