T Block Block Series

ICF SOLUTIONS provides insulated building products to meet the demands of any residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial project.


Creates a T corner, eliminating the need for additional support or adjustments.


Core Width Length Return Area Concrete Vol./sq. Ft. Of Wall Effective R-value Ft 2 *hr*f/btu 4 Specs
6″ 11″ 2′ 1′ 1′ 0.014 cubic meters 23
8″ 13″ 2′ 1′ 1′ 0.019 cubic meters 25

T Blocks - The Perfect Solution for Creating T Corners

There is no question that one of the biggest challenges that any construction expert faces are creating that perfect corner in the structure. It is not something that is only unique to present times as it is an issue that has been ever present in all sorts of construction since time immemorial. However, ICF Solutions is proud to present a revolutionary solution that simplest construction projects by eliminating any kind of need for additional support.

Our T Blocks are explicitly designed to provide our clients with reliable, durable, and energy-efficient solutions. These T Blocks can easily withstand harsh weather conditions while at the same time reducing the energy costs of the building with their excellent insulation properties. Opting for our T Blocks is simply the best solution that you could opt for, especially if you want to improve the comfort of your indoors.

T Block is an excellent product: Its Features & Benefits

Our T Block offering is one of the best products that you can get your hands on in the market. It comes with various features and benefits that set it apart and make it a popular choice among builders and homeowners alike. Here are just some of the many key benefits that one can avail themselves of by opting for T Blocks during the construction phase.
  1. Strength: T Blocks are made with high-density expanded polystyrene foam, resulting in an incredibly strong and able corner that can easily withstand any number of extreme conditions.
  2. Durability: It should not come as a surprise to anyone that T Blocks are also highly durable. Credit for this can be laid on the excellent materials that are used in the construction of this product. Once used, they can go years without needing any sort of repair or replacement.
  3. Insulation: Due to rising energy bills, T Blocks have become an even more popular choice due to their excellent insulation properties. These T Blocks have a high R-value, which reduces one’s dependency on heating or cooling systems.

Order T Blocks for Perfect Corners Today

Simply put, T Blocks are a game-changing product that is sure to revolutionize the construction industry. The time of the same old traditional methods for building construction is now over. So, do not think for a second more and get the ICF Solutions Sustainable Building right now. And if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to connect with our customer support team at your convenience. We would leave no stone left unturned in ensuring that all your issues are resolved by our experts. So, connect with us and get the right solutions that cater to your needs.