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Get SuperForm product accessories from ICF Solutions

With the rising demand for eco-friendly solutions in the market, there is wider acceptance of ICF Blocks in the construction industry – at least in Canada. However, while there is no doubt that these ICF Blocks are useful, one should not neglect the impact SuperForm product accessories have on the construction process. They are an essential part of the operation and ensure the proper installation and function of the ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms). And at the leading Fast Efficient Concrete Form Services provider, you can also find high-quality accessories for your usage.

These accessories are carefully designed to improve the performance of the ICFs and ensure stability during the construction process. They will help ensure that your ICF construction is structurally sound, energy-efficient and protected against any kind of instruction – especially moisture.

Some accessories that are part of our package

Here is a list of some of the essential ICF accessories that we offer under the banner of ICF Solutions.

  1. ICF Bracing: ICF Bracing is one of the essential accessories that our clients can take advantage of. What this does is maintains the structural integrity of the ICF walls during the construction phase. It does that by preventing the ICF walls from bowing outward because of the pressure of the wet concrete.
  2. Waterproofing accessories: You will also find a wide range of waterproofing accessories listed on our site, which play a crucial role in the process. While ICFs are renowned for their moisture resistance, these accessories ensure that the projects remain dry and protected from any water infiltration.
  3. ICF Hangers: ICF Hangers are a big part of our ICF accessories list. These accessories are used to attach plumbing and electrical fixtures to the ICF walls, which is undoubtedly a crucial part of the construction process.
  4. Spray Foam: They are used to seal gaps and joints between the ICF blocks and reduce air leakage. It also results in a considerable improvement in the energy efficiency of the ICF walls.
  5. Fiberglass Rebar: Fiberglass rebar is a corrosion-resistant alternative to steel reinforcement. With their help, one can reinforce concrete and improve the strength and even the durability of these walls.
  6. Ties, Screws & Tape: These accessories are highly useful in creating a tight seal and securing the ICF blocks together.

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